United Pool Tables – Accessories

We supply a widest range of accessories in South Africa. This includes worldwide brands like Aramith, Simonis, Predator, Wiraka and much more. We regularly bring in new stock of the latest products on offer that we carefully source from all over the world.

Basic (Cues, Balls, Cloth, Chalk etc)

The basics include cues, balls, cloth and chalk. Each of these categories has a wide range to choose from. For each category we supply several brand names to suit your taste. Furthermore, the wide range of colours and designs in different price ranges will ensure that you will find what you are looking for. 


We supply an equally wide range of accessories for each basic category. Tips and ferrules for cues, as well as a stunning collection of cue cases and cue bags. Nap and speed variety of cloth in several brands and colours for all cuesport disciplines (Pool, 9Ball, Snooker). United supplies standard and Aramith balls as well as a variety of training balls to improve anyone’s game. Our chalk range includes Master, Triangle and Predator as well as a range of chalk holders.

United Brand 

United Pool Tables supplies a unique set of United branded cues, cue cases, apparel and playing gloves at competitive prices. We ensure that our United brand accessories are of the highest standard. We debut unique designs every year, so be sure to catch the next shipment.


By popular demand we now stock an increasing range of table covers for all table sizes. An equally increasing range of ball cases is also available for pool and snooker. United Pool Tables’ aims to be a one stop shop for all pool related accessories.  In our showroom you will find all you need whether you are a professional, amateur or casual player. 

United Accessories

United Accessories