United Pool Tables – Novelties

At United Pool Tables we understand that our customers enjoy the game of pool. We strive to give our customers the ability to make their homes or their clubs as pool themed as possible. This is why we stock a range of pool themed novelties to entertain anyone’s inner pool enthusiast.


United pool tables stocks a limited variety T-shirts, golf shirts, caps and ties. These ranges are limited because they are from apparel from different pool events so be sure to buy your shirts while they are still in stock.


We stock a wide variety of pool themed clocks, mirrors, steel wall signs and pool-themed posters. Our steel wall signs also come with a catalogue, so our customers can easily special order a steel sign to their liking from it.

Alternative Games

To give you more variety of the games you can play whether at home to at your club United pool tables supplies other pool hall themed games. We have backgammon in several sizes, a selection of darts and dart boards of the highest quality, and arcade basketball hoops with digital displays and timer.

Other Various Novelties

Finally we stock a variety of keyrings, stickers, novelty billiard balls and many more smaller pool-themed items. 

Novelties - United Pool Tables

Novelties – United Pool Tables