United Pool Tables – Spares

We supply an almost comprehensive list of spares for our United Pool Tables. Our customers will easily be able to buy any part of the pool table that is manufactured by us. United Pool Tables sells large parts like the wood panels of the pool table and the frame. We also sell the smallest parts like the latches and coin mechanism springs.

United Pool tables sells parts other tables and products as well. Jukeboxes parts are available. Snooker table parts in varying sizes are available as well. For Snooker tables we supply corner plates in several sizes as well a selection of pocket nets and leathers in different styles to suit your taste. Additionally we sell a selection of very high quality tournament standard cushion rubbers and butt hooks in both short and long.

We also supply soccer table parts. Like our United brand pool tables we supply almost all the parts that a soccer table consists of. Larger parts like base boards, panels and glass tops are available as well as the rods, springs and soccer table men. Smaller parts like various bolts and washers are available and of course the coin mechanisms, all adjoining parts and the money boxes.

Whether you have one of our pool or soccer tables at home or at your venue we have a list of spares to make sure that the products you buy from us stay in top condition. Almost all of these parts are on hand at our showroom. Visit our showroom. Contact: +27 11 908 2400

Spares - United Pool Tables

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