Paul Versus Aden - Round 2

Paul Versus Aden – Round 2

Paul is on fire and Aden has been crying and perhaps he has cried a bucketful to put out Mr Bennett’s fire. The assignment that Paul has is a very tricky one that is deeply rooted in his heart and emotional vault as he sets out on a journey to the Freestate to take on err (wait a minute let me clear my throat) the current SA Mens Champion. The last time that these two met, Paul tried to baptize a cat and that didn’t end too well unfortunately. Aden hasn’t been around for long but his track record says that if he beats you once, he definitely will beat you twice; a certain Yulan Govender could endorse this theory. Twice they met and the young man twice surpassed all expectations. The Wonderkid is a Predator and if the prey bleeds, that very smell of blood motivates him and activates the killer instinct in him. Paul bled once before and he had a serious problem to deal with and we don’t want that again do we but if he does bleed I tell you he will invoke a GrandWest Casino feeling in young Aden Joseph and Brrrrrrrrrr! It will be over before you know it.

I still want to know what happened in that movie ‘The Grey’… once more into the Fray; into the last good fight I have ever known, live and die on this day… I guess I will just have to settle for the ending of this match rather. Ladies and gentlemen, the match between Aden and Paul happening today at 3pm at Louws Billiard room will not be an ordinary one. It will be a fight to the death and here is why:

  • Aden is the current Mens Champion courtesy of a howler by Paul
  • Many say that Aden was lucky at GrandWest and this time he would want to erase any doubts
  • Some say Paul fell apart when it mattered the most and he just wasn’t ready, he has a lot of wrongs to right with just this match alone.
  • If Aden loses then his critics will have the last laugh
  • If Paul wins then this win might be the biggest of his career and he might sleep better after putting the ghost from the past finally to rest.
  • If Paul wins, he will definitely feel like the Mens Champion that he should have, could have, and would have been.
  • If Aden wins then that might be the end of Paul as we know him.
  • If Aden wins this one, then his confidence will be restored tenfold and the dragon will be unleashed.
  • If Aden prevails over Paul again, Vishen will not know what hit him when they meet tomorrow at 3pm at Louws.

If there was a match that nobody wanted to lose then this definitely is it. Of all the BPL matches that have come and gone, this for these two athletes is the one that matters the most. There will be no holds barred and this will be hair-raising, jaw-dropping, spine-chilling and bone-crushing action that you do not want to miss. Louws Billiard Room will be packed to the brim today for this epic match when the titans meet up once more. Paul, Aden… this is it folks go break a bone, leave no doubt and they will read all about it.

Vishen will have the aftermath of whatever will be left of or become of Aden tomorrow to make up for an earlier failed date between the two. Will Aden still have any gas left in the tank after taking on Paul today or will the Dish have a blast and upset the Freestate maestro? Vishen is definitely no pushover and he as a matter of fact handed Paul his first defeat of the season, I guess it is one of those weekends where young Aden feels under siege and he has to be firing from all cylinders this weekend if not on any other.

Hotshots will be off the hook today as their two representatives in the First Division will have to wear their poker faces and deal a few wild hands towards each other although this will be by no means a bluffing matter, it will be one of those where practice and travel partners become foes for two hours only. If they don’t neutralize each other then the fans will be treated to a humdinger of a match. Lenny Ramghulam is number 10 on the log and he takes on his 6th placed counterpart Sylvester Henry but log standings don’t matter in derbies. If Lenny bags this one then we could see a more determined version of his in the next round of matches.

Kevin ‘Shushu’ Seseane you booked a bus and you bought your ticket, well you needn’t wait any longer, the Rea Vaya Bus (Straight Outta Soweto) will be at Louws Billiard Room tomorrow at 1pm to pick you up, please make sure that you have your ID with you, and you can occupy any seat in the bus except the driver’s for obvious reasons. Kevin is still cherishing the double win against Nelson and Zander, could he make it 3 in a row or will Thami spoil the party? If Thami wins against Kevin then we will have a new number 3 on the log going into the break.

Mabuti thought he had a day off but the void left by bad boy Shameel Singh has been filled by Riaesh Pillay, you will be excused for pronouncing the name wrong but for now call him the replacement killer. He takes over an empty account and his mission is definitely an uphill climb and he takes on the current number one seed in his debut match at Marco’s in Mpumalanga tomorrow at 1pm, talk about life being unfair. Good luck Riaesh and welcome on board player!!


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