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Charl does it again, Kyle so near yet so far

The final weekend’s action was enough to hand Charl the trophy again, he has become the first player to be crowned Champion twice in three years. In fact Charl is officially the BPL’s flagship player, he has been the main man since inception and he has never disappointed. If he is not winning the league, he is taking the knockout cup or riding billiard waves somewhere. Now without lifting a finger the Assassin once again managed to have his name engraved on the most illustrious individual league trophy in the land.

The 12th of March was no ordinary Saturday, it was one where Kyle had to rewrite history, change the stars and become a legend. He came very close but Aden wasn’t going to relent. Both players needed two bonus points to secure the league or survive relegation in the case of Aden. Had Kyle pulled it off, Charl’s pancreas was going to literally explode and we would have had to rethink pool in its entirety.

Now Kyle will have to take a bite of bread with peanut butter to obliterate the unpleasant taste of bile on his tongue, a taste that left him pale and hanging his head in exasperation. Talk about being so near yet so far, but Kyle and Aden are still very young and they can quickly get over this and come back rejuvenated. Kyle has been relegated once and that seemed to have toughened him up a bit, he didn’t just come back ready for the big league, he came back ready to be crowned champion. But the violins seem to have stopped playing in Bloemfontein, Aden and his fans must be reminiscing about the glorious days of 2015. It seems a lifetime ago that the Wonderkid last turned his followers into a frenzy, recent times have been nothing but. The Premier League has been a true litmus test of character for the 18 year old and it will be a season to forget but of course he will bounce back as has he has continued to display unparalleled talent in the campaign, if only experience could be bought then maybe we would be singing a different tune.

Hawkeye forfeited his match against Aden and as such the Wonderkid wins standard walkover points (4-1, 4-1) and this left Aden in an inevitable situation. This now leaves him stuck at number 9 on the log and thus automatically relegated. Had Yulan played, perhaps Aden could have had a chance to get a bonus point (wishful thinking) and he would have pipped Nsovo to the number 8 spot. As it stands, Nsovo will have a chance to playoff against Deon Daniels for a place in the Premier League next season. Gums has vanished third twice in a row now and one wonders if he will ever make an appearance in the top flight tier.

Aden came a step closer to not getting relegated after he managed to win against Kyle Akaloo. This epic battle was one that everyone was anxious for. Aden took the first set 4-1 and Kyle won the next one 4-0 (at this point Charl couldn’t breathe), now the last set was a R10 000 one for Akaloo but he had to win it 4-0 and anything less would have handed Charl the title. Charl’s fate was now in Aden’s hands and all his travelling partner had to do was win just one frame. Aden won more than one frame, he won all four, and Kyle couldn’t win a single one. As that happened Charl then won the title but that was unfortunately not enough for Aden to save himself from the axe.

The relegation battle was on in Durban and none of the three participants were guaranteed immunity prior to their matches. Thami needed both games to survive, Sylvester and Lenny needed at least a set each to qualify for relegation playoffs. Rea Vaya had a good start winning the first set 4-3 against Sly but two apples in the second set secured a 4-1 win for the host. Once again Thami was 3-1 up in the decider and he made a mistake that allowed Sly to steal the frame and that was the last time Thami played… Sylvester went on to hit two apples on the trot and sink the dagger deep in Thami’s slow beating heart.

Lenny fought a very good fight on Sunday against a now desperate Jabavu who could do very little now to save himself from relegation. It was now a formality for him but Lenny on the other hand needed to get maximum points to escape 8th place and land one better at the expense of his club-mate. Well it wasn’t to be, Thami drew first blood and won the first set 4-1, Lenny took the next one 4-2, but the visitor was once again too strong in the final set winning it 4-2. Thami will be relegated together with Yummy.

Nelson put the final nail in Riaesh’s coffin and Pillay will be joining Zander who has also been relegated. Zaid Kara will be hoping to save himself in the lottery of the playoffs whilst Mabuti won the league with 10 points clear at the top, he will be joined by Donovan De Doncker, and Juandre Jonck who will have to battle it out with Lenny in the playoffs.


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