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All or nothing, glory beckons for Super League winners

Super League PlayoffsThey labored long and hard all year long but now they may be one, maybe two steps closer to the mainstream league. Nine of the country’s super league winners will condense in Johannesburg for the long awaited playoffs and only three will advance to the next level. The top two will automatically qualify for promotion into the BPL Second Division.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the extraordinary Nicola Rossouw (GP1), Basil Munsamy (GP2), Allister Fortuin (EC1), Jannie Muller (EC2), Nicolas Owen (FS), Rishal Ramchander (KZN), Senzo Gumede (MP), Nizaam Davids (NC), and Harry Martin (WC). These outstanding players won their respective Super Leagues in the just ended season and they will now go head to head on Saturday and Sunday to determine who will be in line for promotion and/or playoffs. One has to take their hat off to Nicola, this lady never ceases to amaze me. She takes on the big boys and comes out on top, I suppose it could be one of two things if not both; it is either the boys cannot function properly when she casts her charm and spell or she is awesomely talented and her best is yet to come.

Saturday and Sunday is when and the battle lines will be drawn. The format will be a round robin. Are there any Nicola fans out there? Will the Eastern Cape dominate this one too, does anyone suppose old Basil still has any gas left in the tank or will Harry Martin continue the Cape’s dominance in cuesports in the year 2016?


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