Attitude determines altitude, Nicholas Owen smiles again

I will not blame you if you for even a second thought that I was making this up but strange as it is, it is also true… Nicholas Owen has played four matches and the results thereof have all been the same 4-0 all the way. He lost the first one 4-0, won the second one 4-0, lost the third with the same margin and won the last one now against Nicola, yes you guessed it 4-0. In has been a day to forget in the case of Nicola who has been served 4-0 scores three times and only managed to pot two blackballs in the match against Harry.

Ok now this is crazy or rather not normal at least not in a national playoff setup. Allister Fortuin has registered another 4-0 score, this time against Rishal Ramchander, the guy is a machine if you have ever seen one. The message is clear now to the chasers, Allister is saying catch me if you can, Senzo and the rest of the pack better pull up their socks. Talking about Senzo he did very well to get the better of Harry 4-2 and as things stand, Allister is the leader of the pack and Senzo is second.

Nizaam just registered a big win now against Uncle Baz and this tips the scale a bit. It went all the way to the decider and it just opened a filthy can of worms, now about 5 other players stand a chance of making it. This is how the log looks like now after the first day of play.


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