Revenge best served sub-zero

And so they met again but maybe yesterday he wasn’t ready, Allister made no mistake and he literally left no stone unturned as he kept Harry in his chair for the better part of the game. Harry may have been the better player at the opening comp but today was a different day and when it mattered the most Fortuin was unstoppable. This is the second time the cueist from PE has won 4-0 and this time around he deposited all four blacks in the same pocket and the last frame was a famous apple.

It has also been 3/3 for Senzo, this after he has registered a whopping 4-0 score against Nicola Rossouw who has found the going a bit tough as she finds herself pitted against the boys not as a woman but as an equal. Oh and it has been a yoyo of a day for Nicholas Owen, Uncle Baz kept his hopes alive by registering another 4-0 over Owen denting the latter’s hopes of making it. Ok so we have some sort of a theorem going on here, for every 4-0 that Allister registers, Basil registers his too.

Rishal has registered his first win today but it was at the expense of Nizaam. Both these athletes needed a win to kill the duck on their backs and one of them was always going to remain without a win and unfortunately for Nizaam Davids, the dice didn’t roll his way and as such he didn’t live up to the exponential growth projections that we had envisaged for him. Remember the took 2, then 3 and we were hoping he takes 4 this time around but it wasn’t to be and 3 seems to be the ceiling for him thus far. Let’s see how it goes in the last session that will start at 4pm.


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