Allister and Senzo are through, third place open

A 4-1 score line against Basil sealed an automatic qualification for Allister and left Uncle Baz on the edge of the reef. Munsamy now has 3 losses with only two matches remaining, and his next two opponents are wounded lions who will definitely give it their best to at least bow out in style. Rishal has only one win thus far and he wouldn’t exactly roll over for Basil. Harry is also in the running for that third place and as such he has to win his last match to stay in contention. Allister will now play Nicola who is down and out at the moment, she lost her previous match 4-0 again and this was against Nizaam Davids from the Northern Cape. Somehow the draw pitted Senzo and Allister last, if they win their matches now they we will have a humdinger of a finale as both of them will still be without a loss.

Nizaam will be looking to augment his position at Senzo’s expense in this session and he seems to have found his mojo. Davids brushed off Nicola with ease in the last session and it will be interesting to see if he will be able to carry that momentum into this match happening in the next few moments. Harry needs to win against Owen to keeps his hopes alive but as things stand Owen will also have to fight tooth and nail to salvage a chance. Leaving Senzo and Allister out of the mix, Harry (2 losses), Nizaam, Basil, Owen (All 3 losses) can still reach the third place and the next two matches will be very crucial and whoever slips up now is as good as gone.


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