Basil and Harry have to fight to the death for third place

The ponytail is not just a trademark hairstyle for Uncle Baz but a friend that has been there through thick and thin and with another 4-1 win against Rishal, Basil just secured a third place duel against Harry who also won in the same margin against Nicholas Owen. Whoever wins in this last match between Harry and Basil will be the one to playoff against the 8th placed player in the Second Division.

Nizaam just beat Senzo in a thrilling encounter that went all the way to the decider. Davids was on an apple but he agonizingly missed that last yellow to put icing on that cake. Senzo played a great snooker and it almost worked until he then went in-off leaving Nizaam with an easy tap in on the black to squeeze in a chance some sort of a chance on that third place. Well Nizaam now stands a chance to make if Basil wins against Harry but he will himself have to beat Nicholas Owen by a 4-0 margin otherwise he is all but gone. If Basil does win, the three of them (Basil, Harry, Nizaam) will now be tied on three losses each. This is where bonus points will come into action. Basil has two Bonus points, Nizaam has one and Harry has zero and there you have it.

Senzo’s fate was decided when he lost to Davids, he is now guaranteed second place with Allister now miles ahead (5 points), win or lose the status quo has been established, Allister is the winner of the Super league playoffs with a game to spare.


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