Too little too late for Senzo, Harry makes the cut

Too little too late, Senzo lost it in the previous round against Nizaam. He may have recovered from the downfall and won big against the man of the tournament Allister but the match itself was just a formality. 4-1 on any given Sunday would have been enough to get Senzo in a frenzy but he knew going into the match that he had given it away.

Harry continued in the right path securing the third place after edging Uncle Baz 4-1. A win was all that he needed and that’s exactly what he got and with that we now have our three qualifiers. Allister, Senzo and Harry in that order. Nicola finally registered a win against Rishal and she made sure that he remembers her. She managed to win 4-2 and two of those wins were apples. I have to applaud her for making it here in the first place and like I always say, in a motor racing competition, respect even the one that comes out last because they are a champion already by simply making it to the race in the first place. Nizaam won 4-2 against Nicholas Owen but the cock had already crowed and it will not count for much in this campaign for Davids, the damage was long inflicted.


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