BPL Arnold Classic – No Upsets Yet

BPL Arnold Classic Draw - last 32 Bottom Half
BPL Arnold Classic Draw – last 32 Bottom Half

BPL Arnold Classic – Top Half of the 32 done & dusted

The cork did crow in the morning, the cows came home, and the sun did set in the west… no upsets yet at the BPL Arnold Classic and we look like we are in for a humdinger of an event. The first round of matches are always the most difficult for most players, understandably so, no amount of warm up and practice can get rid of pressure; it takes pressure to rid one of pressure and so he that adapts the quickest often prevails. Harry fought long and hard but at the end of the day Charl proved too strong for the now based in Johannesburg Capetonian. After losing the first set narrowly at 4-3, Houdini was hoping to make amends to a confidence lacking Charl but as the saying goes; class is permanent and form is temporary. Often times when the matches are prolonged, the seasoned player almost always comes out tops.

Lenny and Sylvester were always going to neutralize each other, they are friends, they practice together and they know each other’s games too well. Lenny drew first blood and won the first set 4-0 only to lose the next two sets 4-1 and 4-0 and now he will have to switch roles and become a cheerleader for his friend and roommate, not bad for an outing. Also through to the last 16 is Aden Joseph who had to fight back as well after Nelson the President declared war in the first set. It was never a smooth round for the former champion but Nelson will have himself to blame for all the chances that he wasted.

The early bird catches the fattest worm and this theory was brought to life after Nsovo who arrived a few minutes late and got docked the first two frames from his tally went on to lose that first set 4-1. He has his ancestors to thank after managing to come back strongly in the second and third sets derailing Pieter Rademeyer 4-2 in the subsequent sets. Yulan was given a proper scare by Riaesh in a match that dragged on way into the 2nd hour. Ok Pillay was late for the match and like Nsovo he was already trailing 2-0 from the onset and as expected he succumbed 4-0 in that one but he fought a very good fight and won the mid-set 4-3 but Govender recovered well to win the last set 4-2 to book himself a date with Deon Daniels.

Rushin gave Mabuti no chance, the first set was a maximum 4-0 score line and Mabuti only woke up from his slumber in the second set but it was all in vain, Bowers took it 4-3. Paul had didn’t disappoint in his match against Zander and this sets us up for a Cape classic against Rushin… Die Poppe sal Dans.

Come through to the BPL Arnold Classic at the Sandton Convention Centre, Level 2 to watch this nail biting event LIVE!!

The bottom half is on in a few minutes.


BPL Arnold Classic Draw - last 32 Bottom Half
BPL Arnold Classic Draw – last 32 Bottom Half
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