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Office Entertainment Equipment for the Active Office


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Office Entertainment Equipment for the Active Office


Office Entertainment Equipment

One of the more positive business trends to emerge in recent years is having fun in the workplace.

Does office entertainment equipment boost the workplace?

A recent study conducted by the University of Warwick found a significant increase in productivity for all workers who take breaks to play games, including those who claimed to be unhappy. In the fast-paced, multitasking office of today, it makes perfect sense to give employees a chance to unwind and disconnect for a while, so they can return to work more upbeat and enthusiastic.

5 Types of Office Entertainment Equipment

When looking to achieve an active office space, it’s a good idea to have several different kinds of entertainment equipment available, to give everyone a choice of either mental or physical games.

1. Pool Tables

Office Entertainment Equipment Pool Tables

The standard 8-ball pool table size is 275cm long x 140cm wide, and can come as a short as 213cm in length, but all tables are sized in a 2:1 ratio of length to width. Using a regular 148cm cue stick, the pool room dimensions should be at least 550cm x 412cm.

Offices that are cramped for space should consider using a pool table that converts to either a conference or dining table. Some tables have the ability to combine many different games into the table top, such as backgammon and table tennis.

Branding the pool table covering is a great way to project strong, memorable images or slogans to both employees and potential clients.

Using coin or token-operated pool tables can keep track of daily usage, and/or generate small change for office parties and other activities.

2. Soccer Tables

Office Entertainment Equipment Soccer Tables

Also known as “foosball” in the U.S., the average full-sized soccer table is 153cm long x 77cm wide x 90cm high. The playroom should be at least 244cm x 300cm to accommodate the players stance along the sides. Most manufacturers offer smaller versions, in addition ones that fold up for flat storage.

The preferred location for soccer tables is a break or recreation room that is separate from the rest of the office, so the noise and outbursts wont’t disturb other workers.

Soccer table playing surfaces can be certainly be branded, but you probably won’t want anything to detract from the originality of an older, collectible model.

3. Tennis Tables

Office Entertainment Equipment Tennis Tables

Also known as “ping-pong”, the playing set-up is 275cm long x 155cm wide x 6cm high, and the net is 183cm x 16cm. Recommended room size is 850cm x 400cm. Given the similarity of dimensions, tennis tables can be used on top of a pool table with adjustable height features. If space is a problem, there are smaller sizes available down to 213cm x 107cm.

Tabletops are easily customised with either your company logo, special message, or mission statement. Since the playing surface is fairly flat, table tennis can fit perfectly on top any other type of office furniture, and the portable types can be folded completely flat.

4. Chess, Backgammon and Card Tables

Office Entertainment Equipment Board Game Tables

The playing board is usually 50cm square, and can be incorporated into any type of recreation or conference table. Many chess boards can be lifted to reveal backgammon underneath, and also be flipped over to the plain wood side for card or other games.

Not much space is needed for board games, and they can easily be set-up in an out-of-the-way corner of any room. Given the more cerebral nature of the games, it’s best to keep the distractions to a minimum.

5. Arcade Games

Office Entertainment Equipment Arcade Games

If you go with a classic machine, they will measure about 183cm high x 74cm wide x 87cm deep. The overall weight of these old-school arcades can be problematic, as most are very heavy. The expense of having one of these units shipped or moved can be quite high.

Other than the possible weight issues, office space arcade games can provide a good venue for building better communication among workers. The non-threatening aspect of “you against the machine” makes a great conversation starter.

Best Reasons for an Active Office Space

* Fosters Social Bonding and Teamwork: Playing and sharing a laugh with others is one of the best antidotes to a stressful workplace environment.

* Improves Productivity: Having an array of office entertainment equipment can give disgruntled employees a chance to associate work with something other than “the grindstone”.

* Sharpens Cognitive Abilities: Quite often the nature of different types of games will result in the focused state of mind that comes from learning something new, such as how to properly bank a pool shot, or what the best chess openings are.

As you can see, the benefits having fun in the workplace greatly exceed whatever minor inconveniences gaming in the office space might present. If any of the aforementioned activities succeeds in keeping the peace during a challenging workday, it’s well worth the cost!

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