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Soccer Tables: A Game Room Favourite


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Soccer Tables: A Game Room Favourite


Soccer Tables: A Game Room Favourite

When it comes to choosing sports entertainment equipment for your game room, that offers a uniquely challenging mental and physical workout, you can’t go wrong with the lively action of a soccer table.

Also known as foosball, this indoor sport has been a perennial favorite ever since it’s introduction in the United Kingdom back in the 1920’s. Over the following years, soccer table construction and play methods have changed very little, and their now classic design is often considered equal in value to the venerable pool table as a worthy addition to any home or office game room.

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Soccer Table – Suitable for home and office setting.


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Soccer Table – Suitable for commercial setting.


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Types of Soccer Tables

While the basic layout is the same for all soccer tables, there are several variations that the buyer should be aware of.

Foosball Table

Standard soccer tables are set up on their own set of legs, and are similar in floor space requirements to a small pool table. When scouting out the best table for your money, it’s a good idea to look for solid wood construction, with thick, reinforced legs, as anything made of composite or particle board usually isn’t strong enough to withstand the stresses put on this type of equipment over time. Those without adjustable legs will need floor levelers to literally level the playing field.

Tabletop soccer tables are the perfect, affordable way to introduce children to the classic game of table football. They can be set on any solid surface that is appropriate to the height of the players, and their portable design makes storage more convenient than the full-sized models. Care must be taken before purchasing this type of entertainment equipment, as typically the cheaper prices result in less durable construction.

Coin operated tables are generally rated the best in durability and overall quality of all soccer tables. You will find even the most recent models are patterned after their traditional pub counterparts of old; which were certainly designed to take a lot of abuse. The coin mechanism and retro aspect of these tables can be just the thing to set your office game room apart from the ordinary. However, the shear size and weight of these tables necessitates a rather large room for proper play.

Size, Material and Parts

While the basic layout is the same for all soccer tables, there are several variations that the buyer should be aware of.

Soccer Table Parts

The standard, full-sized soccer table typically measures 152cm long x 76cm wide x 91cm high, with an additional allowance of about 15cm per side for full rod extension. The playing room should be at least 3m x 1.5m to accommodate player stance and extended rods. Tabletop versions are about half the size of a regular model, and consequently have less rods and field players.

The degree of quality in a soccer table’s construction is directly linked to the price, as the cheaper models will tend to be made of particle board base with a thin veneer of real wood finish, or even glued-on vinyl. This combination is particularly susceptible to high humidity, and will warp/peel if exposed to damp conditions. Solid hardwood and high density fiberboard are better choices to endure the harsh treatment these tables are often subjected to.

The actual playing surface and markings contribute greatly to the best possible gaming experience. A hard, highly polished surface results in the fast paced, professional ball travel that most people immediately appreciate. Field markings to line up shots should be permanently embossed and laminated to eliminate any frustrating peel-ups.

Home Foosball Table

Soccer tables are equipt with either a three-man, or single-man goalie setup. If you desire a fast-paced, basic game, the three-man configuration is the way to go. Single-man goalie games require the skill and technique of a more advanced player. Keep in mind that higher quality tables give you the option of changing the goalie setup at anytime. While on the subject of field players, for optimal ease of play you should look for tables with counterbalanced men.

They stay in the horizontal position when not being used, and thus do not get in the way of blocks or shots. Also, the best kind of construction materials for the men is either heavy wood or metal, which will produce awesome power shots. Field men with cross-hatching etched on their toes instead of just smooth feet make passing the ball much easier.

The playing rods on soccer tables are almost always made of steel, with hollow rods being found on high-end, speed-oriented tables, and solid rods for a more slower-paced game. Steel makes much better contact with the side holes, and keeps the rods from getting too wobbly.

Timeless Value

The simple worth of any entertainment equipment is whether it remains as relevant today as when it was first introduced. Soccer tables certainly fit this description, and remain quite popular with all age groups to this day. The timeless gaming concept of matching wits and skills with family, friends, or co-workers in a fun, convivial setting will never go out of style!

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