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5 Benefits of a Game Room in your Hospitality Venue


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5 Benefits of a Game Room in your Hospitality Venue


5 Benefits of a Game Room in your Hospitality Venue

The holiday season approaches and everyone is preparing for some much anticipated family time. As a hospitality venue you look forward to your guests making those valuable family memories at your establishment. In this article we have 5 benefits of a game room in your hospitality venue.

This is where sports and entertainment equipment comes in! Fun, active and accessible to all, equipment like pool tables, soccer tables, table tennis, dart boards and card tables are a great way to engage your guests, keep the family fun alive and do what we all love doing, playing and watching games with our close ones.

Pool Tables
Doesn’t this look like a pleasant surprise to find at a venue?

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1. Fun for any sized group.

The versatility of pool tables alone caters to a variety of groups. From an individual hitting some practice shots while waiting for a taxi, to a group of two, three, four, six, and so on. In addition to that there is a wide variety of games played on pool tables, some similar to traditional games, some wacky and weird, but all fun.

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2. Friendly Competition

Some friendly competition gets the blood going. Playing games together creates stronger bonds between people be it friends, family members, colleagues or complete strangers (team building anyone?). Sports and entertainment equipment taps into that and its many benefits.

These benefits are well documented, ranging from better social skills like being able to work in a team and good sportsmanship, to better cognitive skills like strategy and thinking ahead. Health and well-being integrated into more areas of our lives is a steadily growing trend (and for good reason). Game rooms embrace and promote that trend.

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Billiard Tables

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3. Inclusive Activity

Game equipment like billiards is inclusive. It gets the whole family engaged with something active that’s good both for the body and for the mind. Being simple and safe to use, and not too physically taxing makes game equipment a great choice for venues that see want to cater to the whole family. There’s no need for younger or more elderly family members to sit out, everyone can take part in the game, including family members in wheelchairs.

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4. Interior Bonus

It improves the interior and as an additional activity attracts more patrons to you. In our current digital heavy world what people like (or dislike) about your venue easily ends up on the web in the form of reviews and comments. Facilities and activities people enjoyed or were pleasantly surprised with end up in these reviews and comments.

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5. Convenience

The comfort and convenience of having an additional facility that your venue offers. Whether your patrons are looking for a lazy relaxing game of pool after a day of exploring the surrounding area, or for something to do over a rainy afternoon. Any activity that makes your guests’ stay more diverse, engaging, fun and memorable would be an advantage to your venue and to them. It’s a win win.

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Snooker Tables

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From a small boutique hotel to a family resort, a pool table, soccer table or laid out chess set on a side table invites people to play, to engage, to socialize and to have fun.

For the really smaller venues that wouldn’t have enough space for a dining table and pool table, there’s the dining room table; a combination of both in enough varieties to suit any interior.

For larger game rooms the selection of equipment could entice anyone, from vintage arcade game lovers, to people that enjoy backgammon and board games.

A game room gives your patrons one more reason to have an memorable moment at your hospitality venue, and it’s those memorable moments that build great customer experiences.

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