Y-Not Club and Sports bar is where many go on a Friday to have good old billiards
fun. With great service and good music this is the place to go.
Enjoy their Happy hour Sundays, karaoke Wednesday and Friday night discos.
They truly make sure to not just entertain on weekends but every day in the week as
well with 7 brand new pool tables to practice for the competitions that they host.

Y-not’s brand-new tables are covered in Simonis 920 Green to make sure they are at
international standards. These tables stand strong and fit in well with the venue’s
vibe. Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date with all these events.

United wants to make sure that your venue/pub/club has all the small touches to create a stunning

Call us now for more information on how to get these tables in your pub/club/venue.

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